Why are we doing what we’re doing?
We aim it easier for anyone to start and run a business.  We focus on helping people independently generate enough income so that they, and their families,  can be financially stable and secure .


Why trust us?
We don’t sell your data or your business’s data. And, since we don’t sell ads, we don’t need to allow competitors to use your data to target you or your followers with messaging.


Where are we located?
We’re located in New York City. Brooklyn to be exact.

Our Organization

Who are we?
We’re a brand that is part of Spark+Ignite. A private company that builds and manages helpful software platforms and applications.


Where did our name come from?

We believe that those who successfully start and run their own businesses have a strength of purpose, passion and empathy. That these individuals are full of might. That they are mightiful.