Mightiful is built around the concept of Businesses. A Business can be either a Services or Product focused business depending on what their primary focus is. Each account, no matter which subscription tier you choose, can run up two businesses at a time. These can be both services businesses or both product businesses or a combination of each. It is not required that you run more than one business.

When you initially sign up for Mightiful, you will be given the option of what type of business you are setting up first. Once you make it through the initial set up process you can add an additional business through the settings menus.

Since Mightiful is organized around businesses, each business you would like to run comes with all the functionality associated with your account. For example, if you have a subscription that includes email, both of of your businesses can use this email functionality. Also, you can associate a different bank account for each business and get reporting individualized for these businesses. Basically, everything is separated by  business, accept for the account subscription and payment information for the account subscriptions.