About Field Sales

Field Sales is designed to facilitate door to door sales (door knocking) activities. 

The Field Sales tool is available with certain paid subscriptions. Additionally, to be a field sales rep, a field sales rep must have one of the paid subscriptions to Mightiful. These paid subscriptions allow users to run their own businesses and/or work on the businesses of other users.

For example, this is the most common scenario:

  1. A Business signs up for a premium tier subscription that allows them to run field sales programs
  2. A Business emails their chosen contacts inviting them to be a field sales rep on behalf of the business, and directs the users to create supporter account on Mightiful and click on the button to become a field sales rep. The business notes in this email that in order to be a field sales rep, a paid Mightiful account is required and a field sales rep needs to have one of these if they are approved to be a rep and wants to participate.
  3. Contacts get the email, create a Mightiful Supporter account and sign up on the business’ page to be a field sales rep
  4. Business approves field sales reps and sends them an email about the field sales times and dates and reminds them to sign up for a basic paid Mightiful account (Starter Account) before the field sales date.
  5. Field sales reps sign up for a paid account and meet at the appropriate location the day of the event.

The field sales tool enables Businesses to:

  1. Add unlimited numbers of field sales reps from a list of people who have volunteered to become reps
  2. Approve and dismiss field sales reps at any time
  3. Upload scripts for all field sales reps to use
  4. Use information on Contacts collected on Mightiful for your field sales programs
  5. Use information you have acquired, and uploaded to your Contact Database, for field sales
  6. Record the answers to questions field sales reps ask people
  7. Tie field sales activities to activity reporting to other reporting, such as contribution history, within the Contact Database.
  8. Report on field sales activities individually or all interactions that have been made with contacts.
  9. Turn field sales off after a set time period or left as always on.
  10. Update and/or remove questions and scripts at any time.

The field sales tool enables field sales reps to:

  1. Pull up basic information on Contacts, such as address information, and plot this on a map
  2. Get directions to a Contact’s address
  3. Update a Contact’s information from the Canvassing tool
  4. Enter in answers to field sales specific questions to a Contact’s record
  5. Access and read scripts prepared by the Business
  6. Notate that you have visited a contact and when you visited that contact
  7. Enter in notes about each interaction the has made with a Contact
  8. Be a field sales rep for as many Businesses as you want to (assuming these businesses approve you to be a member of their field sales team)

Contact Database & Field Sales

The tool is built as an extension of the Contact Database, meaning the data that populates the field sales tool comes from the contact database and any data entered through field sales ends up in the Contact Database. Additionally, any this means that any field sales reporting is done through the Contact Database reporting module.