Updating Legal and Payout Information

You can adjust business legal and financial information at anytime by going to the business settings menu and selecting the dcontributions tab. This includes the information for the bank account you want to deposit funds to.

Disbursement Reporting

A record of when, and how much, was disbursed from your business can seen by going to a businesses’s business settings menu and selecting the contributions tab. The disbursement history can be seen here, and a full reporting can be also be downloaded in CSV format.

Contribution Reporting

You can get an overview of your businesses contributions by going to a business’s dashboard screen. For detailed contibution reporting, you can download a complete history of contributions to a business, with information on each contributor, by visiting the business dashboard page and clicking on the button to download a complete record of contributions. This file downloads in CSV format.

Things to Remember for Contributions

Make sure to review national and local tax laws around accepting contributions. For example, different laws may apply to your business if it is a non-profit vs a for profit company. Also, the type of for profit organization you are setup as can have an impact such as a sole proprietorship vs an LLC.