Mightiful supports several different types of reporting including:

Overall business performance

  • Followers and profile views. (All paid subscriptions)
  • Detailed contribution reports

Email performance 

Click through rates, money raised per email, etc. (These are available on accounts that have a subscription with Email.)

Field Sales Performance Reporting

Number of contacts made, how many people will buy from me, etc. (Available on accounts that have a subscription with Field Sales.)

Business performance reporting can be accessed through the dashboard screen. The purpose of the dashboard screen is to provide a quick reference for your business performance. The key areas the Dashboard covers are: awareness and contributions.

The area of awareness measures the current number of followers you have on the platform and the total number of times your profile has been viewed since your business has launched.

The area addressing contribution measures things such as total donation dollar amounts, number of contributions and how closely you are tracking to your goals.

If you put in a total amount of contributions required for your business (business fundraising goal), Mightiful will use this goal to show and chart how ahead or behind you are to your goal. For example, Over/Under per day is in red if you are under the average amount you need per day to reach your goal. If in green, you are at or above your per day target. The graph at the bottom will show you where you are predicated to be under or over your goal based on your current fundraising rate.

Remember, if you have not entered a contribution goal, much of the tracking reporting will be unavailable to you. Also note, that if you change your contribution goal after you launch your business, all your reporting calculations will be revised based on this new goal.