There are two primary ways to connect your social media accounts to your Mightiful businesses. You can add in links to on your Mightiful profile page so visitors can find and click over to your social media accounts. Or, you can connect to a Buffer account so that you can publish your updates and events directly from Mightiful to your social media accounts.

You can also add links to personal social media to your personal account profile. This can be done through the settings menu of your account.

Note, Mightiful supports three social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Adding Social Media Links to your Account

You can add the links to your business’s social media profiles by visiting your business settings menu and entering in the addresses of these profiles in the appropriate fields.

Publishing Directly to Your Social Media Channels

To publish directly to your social media channels through Mightiful, you will need to sign up for a Buffer account. There are several tiers of Buffer service, but you only need the most basic one to use Buffer with Mightiful.

Once you a Buffer account setup, you can log into Mightiful, then find the connect Buffer button in the campaign settings menu and click on this button. You will then be asked to log into buffer. This process will connect you Mightiful and Buffer accounts.

Once connected, when you go to post an event or update, you can select which social media channels you would like to share this event/update to and the event/update will post to the corresponding channels directly from Mightiful.