Platform Rules

All good places have a few rules to keep things safe and enjoyable for everyone. These are ours.

Not To Do ❌

🚫 No bullying
🚫 No hate speech
🚫 No causing of harm to others
🚫 No encouraging violence
🚫 No promoting weapons or other items that encourage violence such as guns, knives and explosives.
🚫 No criminal activity
🚫 No impersonating people, organizations or businesses

To Do ✅

👍Stay legal. Comply with all national and local laws.
👍Keep your promises. Use money you raised for your business, on activities that support your business. 
👍Be responsible with contributions. If someone wants a contribution returned, return that money promptly. 
👍Keep the platform business focused. If you are a political candidate or activist, we encourage you to use our platform Sparkswell. If you are interested in raising money for a cause, nonprofit, or medical bills, there are platforms that will better meet your needs than Mightiful will.
Really, just be a good person.
And remember, these rules can apply to behavior on and off the platform and Mightiful reserves the right to remove any user, or business, if they are not following our policies. If you want to dive into the full usage terms and legalese, check out our terms and policy pages.